From the schoolyard, restaurant, retail store to the doctor’s office, two-way radios can help improve productivity & enhance staff communication.

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Radios by Industry


Educational Administrators, Teachers, Nurses, Secretaries, Custodians, Maintenance Staff, Security Staff, Crossing Guards


Store Owners, Retail Managers, Retail Buyers, Supervisors, Cashiers, Attendants, Salespeople, Stockers

Health Care

Doctor's Offices, Dental Practitioners, Nurses, Front Desk, Technicians, Lab Workers, Chiropractors


Property Owners, Developers, Building and Property Managers, Building Supervisors, Property Consultants, Site Engineers

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Who we are offers Motorola Solutions two-way radios, two-way radio accessories, including headsets, batteries, and belt clips to customers across America. We specialize in providing affordable, effective two-way radios, including Motorola Solutions’ most popular UHF Two-Way Radio, the CLS1110, Motorola’s most popular VHF 2 way radio, and the RMV2080, well as a full line of accessories to maximize the value of your investment.

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Benefits of Radios

Communication is key in business – whether it’s a hostess relaying info to a server, a nurse communicating with the front office staff or sales clerk alerting a manager to a potential safety issue, two-way radios are easy to use and are a valuable communication tools for large & small businesses.


Save time = Save Money

Motorola Solutions’ Two-Way Radios offer instantaneous ROI. With zero monthly fees and an average labor savings of 5 minutes per hour per employee, your radios will pay for themselves in less than 30 days! 


Increase Safety

Motorola Solutions’ Two-Way radios allows workers to communicate directly to remain aware of their surroundings and coordinate and strategize employee movement and deliveries. To ensure the safety of staff and customers., select models have NOAA Weather Radio alerts.


Better Staff Coordination

Keep your staff focused and engaged on the job with Motorola Solutions’ Two-Way Radios. Allow departments to coordinate and work together with instant, direct, and wide cast of communication without the distractions of cellphones.


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