How two-way radios can increase your automotive business!

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Recommended for Automotive Businesses

Do your employees respond quickly to your customer’s questions about product pricing or product availability? If not, it may be the time for you to consider improving your store’s customer service by taking advantage of Motorola Solutions’ business two-way radios. Our business retail walkie talkies can keep your employees connected.

When running your business, it’s important to give your customers quick and efficient service. Having effective communication between your employees can make everything better. Check out all the two-way radios that 2 Way Radio Direct has to offer!


Maximize employee productivity


Connect front desk and mechanic staff


Easily locate employees when needed


Reduce customer wait times

Who Can Use Two-Way Radios?

Our two-way radio systems aren’t just for management team members. Instead, they can be used by the entire staff! Everyone benefits from more streamlined communication and accessibility. There’s virtually no learning curve with our walkie-talkies, either, so they’re easy for new hires to be trained on. 


Besides staff, customers also benefit from businesses having the right forms of communication. At automotive repair or supply shops, customers might ask complex questions that require specialized answers or assistance from specific employees. Instead of keeping the customer waiting, you can contact the necessary employee instantly via two-way radio. With reduced wait times, your customers will be thankful and more likely to keep returning.


Split your radios among teams or hand one out to each staff member. It all depends on what works for your business.


  • Automotive Repair Shop Owners
  • Automotive Repair Shop Managers
  • Automotive Supply Store Managers
  • Front Desk Receptionists
  • Lead Mechanics


  • Automotive Supply Store Clerks
  • Automotive Technicians,
  • Janitorial Staff
  • Other Facility Staff

Two-Way Radios Will Solve Your Problems

Many auto shops struggle with poor communication. This negatively affects the business because it makes their employees seem like they’re not connected or working together. It can ruin the customer service experience, too. The walkie-talkie systems from our two-way radio store will eliminate those problems!

Has a customer ever needed assistance from an employee, but one was nowhere to be found? That leaves a bad impression and could result in the loss of revenue. As long as the staff carries two-way radios, they’ll always be a click away. You won’t have to waste time trying to track them down in the store.

Has a customer ever asked a question that an employee didn’t know the answer to? You can’t let that happen because it reflects poorly on the company and its training. Instead, give everyone a walkie-talkie so employees can reach out to each other whenever necessary. If one person doesn’t know an answer, they can call out asking for someone that does.

Once everyone in the shop is equipped with a radio, you’ll notice a more efficient and productive workplace. There won’t be any more communication problems, so better customer service will be provided.

Recommended for Automotive Businesses

Find Out How Two-Way Radios Can Help Your Automotive Business

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