Motorola Solutions DLR Series Two Way Radios

The Motorola DLR Series Two Way Radio is a 1 watt digital two way radio which comes in a 2 channel and 6 channel version. The Motorola DLR1020 two way radio and Motorola DLR1060 2 way radio are widely used for retail, restaurants, hospitality, dental offices, schools and more. Our Motorola DLR two way radios come packaged complete with a lithium ion battery, belt clip, and charger. The Motorola DLR Series two way radios are built to Mill Specs and come with a one year full replacement warranty.
  • DLR1020-front-Motorola-Solutions-Two-Way-Radio

    DLR1020 Two-Way Radio Business 2 Channel FHSS

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  • DLR1060-front-Motorola-Solutions-Two-Way-Radio

    DLR1060 Two-Way Radio Business 6 Channel FHSS

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DLR Series Accessories

  • HKNN4013

    HKNN4013-CLP/CLPe/DLR Series High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery

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  • 56531

    56531-CLS/DLR Series Six Unit Charger

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  • HKLN4615A

    HKLN4615-DLR Series Swivel Holster

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  • PMLN7136A

    PMLN7136-DLR Series12-Pocket Multi-Unit Charger (MUC)

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  • PMLN7140-DLR Series Single-Unit Charger with Power Supply (SUC)

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  • HKLN4604

    HKLN4604-DLR/DTR/CLS/RM/RDX Series Swivel Earpiece

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  • HKLN4606

    HKLN4606-DLR/DTR/CLS/RM/RDX Series Remote Speaker Microphone

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  • HKKN4028

    HKKN4028-DLR/RM/CLPe/CLP Series Cloning Cable

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  • HKLN4599

    HKLN4599-DLR/DTR/CLS/RM/RDX Series D-Ring Earpiece

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  • 53866

    53866-DLR/DTR/CLS/RM/RDX Earbud Ear Piece

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  • HKLN4601

    HKLN4601-DLR/DTR/CLS/RM/RDX Series Surveillance Earpiece

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  • RMN5114

    RMN5114-DLR/DTR/CLS/RM/RDX Temple Transducer

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  • HKKN4027

    HKKN4027-Computer Programming Cable (All BR Portable models)

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