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How Two-Way Radios Can Help Your Animal Care Facility

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If you run an animal care business, you can greatly benefit from having a way to communicate with all your employees without needing to keep track of where they are. 

They could be taking one of the animals out for a walk or be doing rounds in the premise, whatever the case may be, you don’t have to run around looking for them if you have the right form of communication. Our two-way radios are a great solution to keep those communication ways open for you and all your employees. Check out the models that 2 Way Radio Direct has or contact us if you need to learn more about the devices that can help you!

Easy to carry around

Simple to use

Virtually zero learning curve for new hires

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Why You Should Use Two-Way Radios at Your Workplace

Motorola walkie-talkie radios are used in the Veterinarian and Doggie Day Care workplaces to improve staff communication, enhance customer service, and improve the profitability of the business. Our two-way radio store typically sees a purchase of six walkie-talkies for each business, which get divided up between staff at the front desk, management, and those directly taking care of the animals. These two-way business radios are used to have animals brought to the front more quickly and for the staff to communicate internally throughout the day without having to go find one another.

Who Can Use Two-Way Radios?

You may think that only management or front desk staff would benefit from having walkie-talkies. However, that’s simply not true! Everyone at the facility can benefit from them because they streamline communication and make everyone more accessible to each other. And, because the systems sold by 2 Way Radio Direct are simple, it’s effortless to train the entire staff on using them. Divide your walkie-talkies among departments or individual staff members — the choice is yours depending on your communication needs.

Facility Management & Administration:

  • Animal Care Facility Owners
  • Front Desk Receptionists
  • Lead Veterinarians
  • Doggie Day Care Owners
  • Front Desk Assistants
  • Doggie Day Care Managers
  • Veterinarian Hospital Managers

Facility Staff:

  • Doggie Day Care Attendants
  • Maintenance
  • Veterinary Technicians
  • Janitorial Staff
  • Kennel Attendants
  • Veterinary Assistants
  • Other Facility and Veterinary Staff

Two-Way Radios Are the Solution When Problems Arise

Have you ever struggled to locate the appropriate staff member at your animal care facility? 

If an emergency arises, this could be a problem depending upon their role. When everyone is equipped with two-way radios, you can instantly reach whoever you need at all times.

Has an animal ever gotten loose at your facility? That’s dangerous for them, staff members, and other animals. As long as each person has walkie-talkies, they can quickly communicate and work with each other to find and capture the animal.

Have you ever needed to locate a pet for a client?

Keeping them waiting will result in a poor customer experience. Everyone needs to carry a walkie-talkie so they can work together to bring out the pet to its owner as soon as possible.

Has a staff member ever needed assistance with an animal? Depending on the situation, waiting too long could put them and the animal in harm’s way. If each person has a two-way radio, they can put out a call for help in an instant.

Miscommunication, or a lack of any communication at all, contributes to many problems in the workplace. They’re easy to fix, though. Two-way commercial radios will connect everyone at all times and virtually eliminate those communication issues. In addition, they’ll allow the front desk and internal staff to stay instantly connected instead of having to go and find each other all the time. Enjoy a more efficient and stress-free workflow!

Recommended for Animal Care

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