Motorola Solutions VL50 Series Two-Way Radios

Give your team members a compact, discreet, and lightweight radio that allows them to be comfortable in any situation. Worn on a belt, tucked away in a pocket or clipped to a lapel, the VL50 connects employees easily and affordably.

VL50 Series Accessories

  • PMNN4497AR

    PMNN4497-CLS Series Li Ion Battery

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  • PMPN4529

    PMPN4529-CLS Series Single Unit Charger

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  • 56531

    56531-CLS/DLR Series Six Unit Charger

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  • HCLN4013

    HCLN4013-CLS Series Swivel Belt Holster

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  • HKLN4604

    HKLN4604-DLR/DTR/CLS/RM/RDX Series Swivel Earpiece

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  • HKLN4599

    HKLN4599-DLR/DTR/CLS/RM/RDX Series D-Ring Earpiece

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  • HKLN4601

    HKLN4601-DLR/DTR/CLS/RM/RDX Series Surveillance Earpiece

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  • HKKN4027

    HKKN4027-Computer Programming Cable (All BR Portable models)

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