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Discover How Two-Way Communication Radios Can Improve Your Service!

Two-way communication radios are a proven solution for optimizing restaurant efficiency, safety & diner service. Ensure tables are ready quickly and that customers enjoy their dining experience by seamlessly communicating with your restaurant staff. 2 Way Radio Direct is proud to help owners of food service establishments and their employees communicate during any breakfast, lunch, or dinner service, allowing them to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Several models are available for restaurants allowing for total comfort and ease throughout their open hours. Read more in-depth below on how these handy, high-tech tools can improve your daily functions, and order your own today!

Why You Should Use Communication Radios in Restaurants

Keep your staff connected and your customers coming back with the use of our restaurant walkie talkies and two-way radios. Everyone benefits when you install Motorola two-way digital radios solution for your restaurant or other food service establishment. If your employees save just five minutes in each hour of work, the savings for your crew can pay for your 2 Way Radio Direct communication radio system in a few months. There are several different ways our technology can help you serve your customers better, and help you provide a better working environment for your employees. Browse just a few of the ways our two-way communication radios can help you!

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Food Service Issues Our Two-Way Radios Can Help Solve

Our restaurant two-way communication radios eliminate the noise and distraction of paging systems and let your customers have a more enjoyable dining experience. Your restaurant will stay clean and well organized as your staff can call for immediate help for cleanups, to reset tables, or to replenish the salad bar. With restaurant walkie talkies, managers can communicate simultaneously with the wait staff and the kitchen so your diners receive their food when the meal is ready. Help your employees minimize customer wait time and respond to customer needs more quickly by keeping them in touch with 2 Way Radio Direct two-way radios.

Your restaurant’s mobile workforce will get more done in less time using walkie talkies when managing duties for the buffet, the salad bar, meeting rooms or lounge. Valet parking attendants can communicate to maintain the flow of cars and customers. Motorola two-way systems are easy to use and will help you minimize the learning curve for new employees. Suffice it to say, Motorola means business. Select your two-way business system today and see how their 75 years of innovation can help your restaurant provide more quality services.

Restaurant Personnel Positions Our Technology Can Assist


Restaurant Owners, Restaurant Managers, Operations, Purchasing, Security Managers, Telecom Managers, Restaurateurs, Food and Beverage Management, Restaurant Equipment Maintenance


Wait Staff Managers, Hostess Stations, Cashiers, Receptionists, Bartenders, Kitchen Management, Valets, Busboys, Buffet Replenishment Staff, Restaurant Security Personnel, Groundskeepers, Patio Attendants, Line Cooks, Other Restaurant Staff

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Why Communication Is Critical In Food Service

In any professional, commercial business, communication is critical to ensure a smooth workday. However, constant, thorough communication between the hostesses or wait staff and the kitchen crew is even more important in a food service environment. This is because the pace of a restaurant can change so quickly during certain hours of the day; the dinner rush, for example, may include more customers than at a certain time in the afternoon. This translates to a large amount of pressure being put on the kitchen, which the hostesses and waitstaff must be aware of at all times. Since the front-of-the-house staff is the face of the restaurants, and directly handles customer relations, it’s important for them to have an accurate idea of how the food is being prepared and how quickly. Overall, this translates to a better customer experience and thus a more successful business.

2 Way Radio Direct strives to help several different business types improve their processes with two-way communication radios! From the typical work day to emergency situations, our products are designed to make everything easier for restaurant owners and employees alike.

Benefits of Partnering With 2 Way Radio Direct

The goal of our 2 Way Radio Direct organization is to provide top-notch communication radios and other devices to restaurants across the country. When you choose to work with us, you will have access to strong, consistent communication between your staff and you, so you can get all situated and set-up without issue. If you do experience any issues, you are capable of asking questions from our support team anytime, 24/7. Place your order today and get free same-day shipping as well as competitive pricing!

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Find Out How Two-Way Radios Can Help Your Restaurant

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