PMLN7136-DLR Series12-Pocket Multi-Unit Charger (MUC)

DLR Series12-Pocket Multi-Unit Charger (MUC)



The Motorola Solutions PMLN7136 DLR series charging station allows you to charge up to 12 DLR Series Two Way Radios at one time. This charger will fully recharge your 2 way radio in 3-6 Hours. It can be wall mounted and it supports cloning, allowing you to program all your radios from one radio!

The Motorola Solutions PMLN7136 multi-unit charger (MUC) can charge 12 Motorola DLR series two-way radios at one time, or a combination of 6 Motorola DLR series two way radios and 6 HKNN4013 batteries at one time.

The Motorola Solutions PMLN7136 twelve pocket charger status is indicated by LED lights. There is a convenient LED chart located on the front of the Motorla PMLN7136 multi unit charger.

The Motorola Solutions PMLN7136 12 pocket multi charger is covered by a one year replacement warranty..

Motorola PMLN7136 works with all Motorola Solutions DLR Series radios: DLR1020 and DLR1060

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Weight 3.2 kg