HKNN4013-CLP/CLPe/DLR Series High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery

CLP, CLPe, and DLR Series High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery



Motorola Solutions HKNN4013A is the high capacity Lithium Ion Battery which works with Motorola Solutions CLP1010, CLP1040, CLP1060, CLP1010e, CLP1040e, DLR1020, DLR1060 Series two way radios. The Motorola HKNN4013A provides up to 18 hours of talk time on the CLP two way radio and 14 hours for the DLR series 2 way radios based on average use.

Motorola HKNN4013A is also the Motorola HKNN4013.

Motorola HKNN4013 battery is covered by a one year replacement warranty.

When purchasing the HKNN4013A do not forget the HKLN4440A CLP High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery door that is needed for the thicker battery.

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