Frequently Asked Questions

Should we purchase UHF, VHF, or Digital? 

UHF radios will perform well both indoors and outdoors. VHF radios are best for outdoor use. Digital radios perform best indoors. If you’re unsure which is needed, we always recommend choosing Digital because of it’s extended range and clarity. 

How many watts do you need? 

Wattage determines the strength of your radio signal with UHF & VHF radios. The higher the wattage, the greater the coverage area. The larger the jobsite, the more watts you should purchase. Please refer to the wattage on each product page.

How many channels do you need? 

Channels are used to segregate work teams within the jobsite. Each work group can have their own channel to minimize disruptions in other departments. Digital radios provide the added benefits of allowing each worker to have an individual channel, as well as a channel for their workgroup. 

How far will the radios communicate? 

Motorola Business Radios are jobsite radios and are designed to provide complete coverage of your jobsite. Motorola Business Radios are not designed to provide communication away from the jobsite but may work a mile or so away from the site. Motorola Commercial Radios are designed for on-site communications, and should provide complete coverage of most job sites. 

What is the warranty? 

All Motorola Business Radios come with a two year, no hassle replacement warranty for two years starting from the day you purchase your radios. Motorola Commercial Radios come with varied warranty periods by model. Please refer to the warranty period of each model on the specific product page on the site. Contact us for assistance. 

How many radios can be utilized on one jobsite? 

There is no limit to the number of radios that can be used on a particular job site. With that said, we do recommend using an additional channel for every 10 employees to minimize disruptions.

Will Motorola two-way radios communicate with other brands of radios? 

Yes, provided the other radios are programmed to the same frequencies and codes.  

Is an FCC License required? 

Yes on certain models. Contact us or go to and request document 000610 for more information. 

What are the advantages of 900 MHz license free Digital Radios? 

The Motorola Solutions DLR1020, DLR1060, DTR410, DTR550, DTR600, and DTR700 use a license free technology to communicate. The 900 MHz technology allows for group communication, individual communication, and the clarity of a digital signal. The DTR offers crystal clear communciation, is very lightweight, and offers privacy not available on analog radios. 

Are 900 MHz Digital models compatible with other radios? 

No. 900 MHz two-way radios are only compatible with other Motorola Solutions 900 MHz two-way radios. 

Are the chargers compatible from one radio series to another? 

No. Due to different battery chemistries, sizes, and charge times each radio requires its own charging system.