• HKN4192-CM Series 20ft Power Cable, 10 AWG, 20A

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  • HSN8145B.speaker01

    HSN8145-CM Series 7.5 Watt External Speaker

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  • Motorola HKN4191 20 Amp 40-60W Power Cable 10 ft

    HKN4191-CM Series 10ft Power Cable, 12 AWG, 20A

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  • RSN4001-CM Series 13 Watt External Speaker

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  • PMMN4090_Standard_Mic

    PMMN4090-CM Series Compact Speaker Mic w/ Coil Cord (7ft)

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  • HPN4007-CM Series Power Supply and Cable (1-60 Watt)

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  • GKN6266A_

    GKN6266-CM Series Switchmode Power Supply Cable

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  • PMKN4147

    PMKN4147-CM Series USB Mobile Programming Cable

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  • PMKN4128

    PMKN4128-MOTOTRBO USB Portable Programming Cable

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  • HKN4137B

    HKN4137-TLK 150/CM Series 10ft Power Cable, 14 AWG, 15A – DISCONTINUED

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  • PMMN4098A.microphone04

    PMMN4098-TLK 150/CM Series Desktop Microphone

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  • RLN4836

    RLN4836-TLK 150/CM Series External PTT w/ Emergency Footswitch

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  • RLN4856A.cable03

    RLN4856-TLK 150/CM Series Footswitch w/ Remote PTT

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  • HKN9327-TLK 150/CM Series Ignition Sense Cable

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  • Placeholder

    RLN6468-TLK 150/CM Series Key Lock Trunnion Kit, Vehicle Lock

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  • RLN4857A

    RLN4857-TLK 150/CM Series Pushbutton w/ Remote PTT

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  • GMMN4065D.speakermic02

    GMMN4065-TLK 150/CM Series Visor Microphone (Omni-Direction)

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    UNIVERSAL HOLSTER-Universal Carry Case with Belt Loop and Chest Strap

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