HKLN4512A-CLP Series Bluetooth Pod

CLP Series Bluetooth Pod-HKLN4513 & HKLN4509 Sold Separately (Not compatible with E models)



Motorola’s CLP1060 two way radio is the only Motorola business two way radio that is Bluetooth capable. The Motorola 2 way radio Bluetooth pod is rechargeable and required for CLP1060 two way radio Bluetooth earpiece operations.

The HKLN4512 by Motorola is the battery pack for the Motorola HKLN4513 earpiece and HKLN4514 earpiece which are sold separately. The Motorola HKLN4512 Bluetooth battery pod requires the Motorola HKLN4509 charger which is sold separately.

The Motorola HKLN4512 CLP Business Radio Bluetooth Pod is covered by a one year replacement warranty.

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