RLN6308-RDX Series Ultra High Capacity Li Ion Battery

RDX Series Ultra High Capacity Li Ion Battery



The RLN6308 radio battery is the same part as the RLN6308A

Works with all Motorola Solutions RDX Series Business Radios: RDV2020, RDV2080d, RDV5100, RDU2020, RDU2080d, RDU4100 and RDU4160d.

The Motorola RLN6308 is an ultra hi-cap 7.4V Li-ion battery with a 2,500 mAh capacity. This Battery is designed for RDX series radios, including RDV and RDU series.

In your 4-watt and 5-watt portable radios you can enjoy up to 18.5 hours of power per charge. If you pair your RLN6308 with a 2-watt walkie talkie, you could have as 26 hours of power on a single charge in low-use settings.

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