Summer Camp Communication with Two-Way Radios

Summer camps are an exciting and memorable experience for children, filled with adventure, learning, and making new friends. However, ensuring the safety and effective communication of campers and staff members is of utmost importance. That’s where BES, 2 Way Radio Direct by Motorola Solutions retailer, steps in. As an online radio store specializing in communication […]

Helping Our Heroes Stay in Touch

In times of crisis and emergency, effective communication plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and coordination of our heroes on the front lines. Whether it’s first responders, law enforcement, or the military, staying connected is of paramount importance. That’s where BES, 2 Way Radio Direct by Motorola Solutions retailer, steps in. As a […]

Revolutionize Retail Communication with Motorola Two-Way Radios

smiling grocery clerks

In the fast-paced world of retail, effective communication is the key to success. From coordinating sales floor operations to providing exceptional customer service, seamless communication among retail staff is vital for smooth operations and customer satisfaction. This is where Motorola’s two-way radios come into play. With their advanced features and reliable performance, these communication tools […]

Improving Workplace Communication With The Help Of Radios And Earpieces

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Whether you run a bustling warehouse, manage a healthcare facility, or oversee a retail store, seamless and efficient communication among your staff members is vital. That’s where BES and our Motorola radios and earpieces come into play.  These innovative communication tools provide a […]

Healthcare Communication with Two-Way Radios

healthcare facility

When you’re working to improve communications with your team in healthcare, two-way radios can be one of the most effective and efficient tools to use! Because these radios are designed for clear, concise communication over a wide range of distances, you can track your patients, stay in contact with coworkers, and ensure that your healthcare […]

Common Issues With Two-Way Radios And How To Fix Them

image of a construction worker with hardhat and radio

When you’re using two-way radios for your business operations or even for recreational purposes, you want to be sure that your radios are working properly at all times! However, every so often, you may run into problems, but you don’t have to worry! At 2 Way Radio Direct, our team is here to help with […]