2 Way Radio Direct’s Guide To Security Technology

August 9, 2022

Security is paramount to your business, school, healthcare facility, restaurant, church, and other business or non-profit. After all, you want to ensure your employees and your customers feel safe while they are in your building, so you want to do everything you can to ensure that happens.
Here at 2 Way Radio Direct, we offer great tools for your business that leverages security technology that you can use to improve the security of your building. From Motorola two-way radios to body cameras, we’ve got your needs covered. Below, we’ll offer up a quick guide to security technology for your business. Get in touch today!

What Makes Good Security Technology?

Security technology is any type of technology that helps with security. In general, there are four elements that the team at 2 Way Radio Direct have identified that help with security technology.

  1. Deterrence. Deterrence is measures and technology that prevents crime in the first place. Deterrence can be, in its simplest form, physical barriers, such as fencing and walls, or body cameras and password access.
  2. Detection. It’s imperative to know when your security has failed, so you can respond in an appropriate manner so that the matter does not worsen. Real-time technology has improved detection drastically.
  3. Prevention. Security technology has a lot to do with the prevention of crime, or the slowing down of crime when a crime is in process. This could be implementation of access control, such as multiple doors to a secure area, or data encryption.
  4. Response. Security technology is great; however, that being said, if you are the target of a crime, it can still happen. How you respond is what matters, especially when life or death is on the line.

The Importance of the Implementation and Adherence to Security

Security technology has to be properly instituted and established, as well as adhered to, in order for it to work. Employees need to be trained on the use of security technology and be taught what to look for when the technology fails. Planning is key when it comes to security technology.

Two-Way Radios

Two-Way Radios
Motorola two-way radios allow you to communicate with others on the same communication frequency channel. With a two-way radio, you can talk to others and listen, so you can keep up to speed on what’s happening around you. With regards to security, two-way radios provide a way to communicate instantly with others. Thus, if there’s a suspicious person or package, you can immediately communicate that to the appropropriate personnel in order to have that checked out. In addition, two-way radios are easy to use, so you won’t be fumbling around, trying to type in a phone number. Rather, you press a button and talk. It’s that simple!

Body Cameras

Body cameras are small cameras designed to be worn on the clothing of people. Most of us have seen footage from body cameras being worn by the police. They serve to document incidents of what is happening around you, so if something were to occur, you have video proof of it. Many body cameras offer the time and date stamped on the footage, and some even offer real-time video streaming. Bluetooth technology has been implemented on body cameras in order to automatically turn the camera on without the wearer having to remember to do so. Some sensors can even turn on a body camera when a police gun is withdrawn from the holster.

While the police are the most famous for wearing body cameras, anyone can wear one. When used for your business, you can record interactions between your employees and your customers, and they can keep track of your employees’ performance while on the job. This is a great way to offer valuable feedback if you are looking to improve processes. Or, your business may be a private security company, so having cameras can be valuable for operations, too.

How Two-Way Radios and Body Cameras Can Keep Your Team Safe

Because of the advanced technology in body cameras and two-way radios, your team can feel incredibly safe using them while on the job. This can improve employee productivity, as it gives them peace of mind knowing that their actions will have a backup if ever needed. Motorola two-way radios and body cameras help your team be safe in the following ways:

  • Offers instant communication, so everyone can respond
  • Allows for everyone to be on the same page, so there’s no repetition in what is happening and what has happened
  • Response times and methods are more easily decided with two-way radio communication technology
  • Allows for everyone on the team to know where everyone else is at all times
  • Allows for various types of calls to be made, such as individual calls, group calls, or emergency calls
  • Does not rely on any internet tower or cell phone communication systems, so it’s more reliable in a pinch or in an emergency
  • Incorporates technology to reduce background noise, so communications are clear
  • Has dedicated emergency buttons or lone worker buttons, which can automatically send alarms if need be
  • Provides a video backup to all interactions that are recorded
  • Offers a different perspective
  • Body cameras can be a deterrent themselves as people will know they are being recorded

Supply Your Team With Security!

2 Way Radio Direct is proud to be your go-to when it comes to the latest in security technology. We offer the best Motorola two-way radio systems for your business, as well as body cameras, that can keep your team and your customers safe. When your team is all on the same team and watching each others’ backs, everyone benefits. Your employees feel valued and safe; your customers feel protected when they are at your business; and those in the area can be safe, too.

There are so many benefits to our Motorola two-way radios that it’s hard to list them all. Check out the Motorola Solutions TLK 100 WAVE LTE Portable Device features:

  • Nationwide Coverage via 4G LTE or Wi-Fi Networks
  • Up to 8 Channels (expandable to 96)
  • Up to 300 Contacts
  • Ultra-slim profile measuring under an inch thick
  • Meets MIL-SPEC 810 & IP54 specifications for demanding environments
  • Bluetooth and GPS Capability
  • Custom Channel Announce and Voice Alias Available
  • Active view hidden display
  • 3 programmable buttons
  • Manage Fleet Remotely via Online Portal
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life
  • 2-year repair warranty

2 Way Radio Direct offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and free shipping. We offer the most comprehensive two-way radios on the market today, ensuring your employees’ lines of communication are clear. The battery life of our two-way radios is long, they are rugged and durable, and they offer consistent reception.

The big advantage of body cameras is that they keep an eye on things at all times. It’s extremely difficult to refute video evidence, so it’s an excellent way to keep your employees safe from harm and to help them improve. This security technology will continue to revolutionize our world, and we here at 2 Way Radio Direct intends to be a leader in this type of technology to promote safety within your environment for years to come.If you are ready to take the next step in Motorola two-way radio communication and body camera usage, get in touch with our team for a free quote today!

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