4 Best Ways To Use a Body Camera

February 13, 2023

The body camera industry is expected to reach $368.95 billion by 2030 and the growing demand by multiple new industries will create opportunities for new user advancements and improved accountability. 

Body cameras have primarily been used by law enforcement with minimal use in other industries. The idea was to implement a more efficient way of investigating encounters between police and the public. But as technology becomes more advanced and people grow more creative, other industries are finding ways to protect themselves by implementing body camera technology. Many of these industries that are evolving the use of the current application are retail, restaurants, healthcare, contractors, and many more. 

BES has seen firsthand how new industries are starting to implement body camera technology. We want our commercial and residential customers to understand the best ways to use body camera technology and hopefully see the benefit within their own lives. 

Security & Safety

One of the best ways to use a body camera is for security and safety purposes. When law enforcement wears body cams, most situations are less likely to escalate into something more serious. Informing the public they are being recorded can lead to quicker resolutions and improved civility because they know the small body cam could be used as evidence if arrested. But using body cams for security and safety doesn’t only have to pertain to law enforcement. 

The healthcare industry could also use small body cams for a more secure and safe workplace environment. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 70 to 74% of workplace assaults occur in the healthcare industry. The use of body cams may provide more security in the eyes of healthcare workers. They would be able to perform their job efficiently knowing that someone is live-streaming and monitoring each worker’s environment. When problems arise, they can act quickly and provide backup to the healthcare worker. Body cameras can also assist hospitals in denying false liability claims by proving the patient was the instigator and the employees were trying to de-escalate the situation. So, if informing the public that they are being recorded likely de-escalates a situation, could it not have the same effect on healthcare workers when they are dealing with difficult patients? 

Public Transportation sectors could see additional benefits to wearing body cams as well. Many transit bus drivers have seen an increase in assaults when driving through high-crime areas. From verbal threats and attacks, working in an isolated environment can prove challenging to de-escalate violent passengers. Wanting to create a safe environment for both transit bus drivers and passengers, the public transportation sector should utilize body cams. For bus drivers, having a body cam could limit the number of violent situations that occur on the public bus. It could also assist law enforcement in handling the attackers. 

Another form of transportation that could use body cameras is ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. This provides protection for both the driver and passengers. It gives each assurance that if something were to happen, they are being recorded. BES has body cams that can record for hours, including live-streaming that can bring drivers and passengers peace of mind that security and safety are on their side. Contact us today for more information.


Many industries have to worry about workplace safety and its effect on their business if an employee was injured on the job. Businesses spend a lot of money to train and prevent liability from occurring. An industry that would benefit from body cameras to try and reduce liability would be contractors. 

Building contractors can work in environments that can be very dangerous and life-threatening. All contractors should know the safety rules when they are in construction areas. With that being said, there can be situations where someone doesn’t follow these safety rules and regulations and it can result in massive injuries, including death. Body cameras can reduce this concern because they can monitor each contractor’s work day. Introducing the smallest body cam that BES sells won’t get in the way of the contractor’s work and will eventually go unnoticed. Reducing workplace liability through the use of body cams will improve safety and also protect a company from being held to false liability claims for an employee’s oversight. 

Another use for body cams on contractors is for job inspections. When a contractor is showing an owner around the property they can use the body cam to record the inspection and the conversation that follows. This resource provides contractors with the ability to go back and revisit what was discussed during the inspection. The contractor will be able to deliver on what the owner has asked for with reduced false liability claims upon finishing the project because the conversation was recorded. This will improve the accountability of both parties by having a recording to fall back on.

Collect Data and Information

Another useful way to use a body camera is for the collection and storage of data and information. Body camera footage has become a great educational tool because it can provide instant feedback from real-life situations. Retail industries such as department stores and restaurants would greatly benefit from introducing body cameras to their employees. 

Many service industries are trying to find better ways to deliver an improved customer experience. Body cams can record employee-customer interactions so retailers can learn from positive and negative situations with customers. The body cam will also allow employers to collect information on which employees are performing well and which ones might need more training. Being able to stay on top of your employees will eliminate any holes in providing high-quality customer service and maintaining the company culture. 

For the retail industry, the use of body cams can enhance their training programs. Onboarding new employees takes time and money. It can be difficult to educate employees on certain situations or tactics in real time when there is no proper example for new employees to comprehend. Being able to describe a situation is harder than watching one unfold. Body cameras can improve situational-based learning by collecting data and information and allowing employers to walk through the video step-by-step with employees in training. 

Body cameras in the retail industry can also assist companies in preventing theft. Companies around the world have to deal with employee and customer theft problems. Once a body cam is placed on an employee, this can eliminate theft from occurring on both sides because it becomes a bigger risk to steal something knowing you are more likely to get caught. 

Recreational Use

BES has a large residential customer base and although these customers can still use a body cam for the purposes of security and safety, liability, and collecting data and information, these cameras also have a fun recreational use!

Hiking is a great way to use body cameras if you want to create video clips and time-lapses with the luxury of having the camera do all the work while you continue to hike. BES’ waterproof body cameras allow any adventurous person to record themselves while they enjoy water sports or activitiesand enables them to create photographs from the footage. As technology advances, people will be able to collect data and analyze scores to help improve performance for surfing purposes. Skiing and snowboarding are other great activities to use a body camera, especially if you want to improve your skills. Recording yourself as you work your way up or down a mountain can show how you position yourself under different circumstances and can be watched later for learning purposes. 

Body cameras were once only used to improve the security and safety of law enforcement when they handled difficult situations. But as technology advances, more industries are seeing the added benefit of using body cameras. From liability to data and information collection purposes, the implementation of body cam technology will enhance the performance of several industries such as healthcare, transportation, contracting, and retail. Body cameras can be used by these industries for more than security performances. This can improve overall training practices for onboarding and reduce theft from employees and customers.

With the body cam industry increasing in value every year, we may see new innovations that will improve the overall usability. BES encourages commercial and residential customers to experiment with different ways to use a body camera. These small and discreet cameras with the ability to record and provide live streaming can become essential to your business practices or recreational activities. Learn more about our body camera collection today!

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