4 Two-Way Radios Your Team Needs

February 13, 2023

In this day and age, efficiency is key no matter what industry you work in. As a business owner, not only do you need your staff to be efficient, but you need them to work effectively as a team as well. When working on any team, communication is important. Providing your staff with effective communication solutions can make a huge difference, especially in hectic situations. Even if your employees are excellent communicators, without the proper tools they may not be communicating efficiently or effectively, costing your business time and money. In some industries like healthcare and education, fast and easy communication methods can give staff more confidence in knowing they can get help when they need it.

Business two-way radios are easy to use and are valuable communication tools for large and small businesses. Increase productivity, response time, and overall communication within your team or business using two-way radios. You may be thinking: There are so many different two-way radios on the market, how can I decide which one is best for my business?

2 Way Radio Direct offers the best two-way radios on the market. Whether you are looking for something durable, versatile, or portable, we have what your team needs to communicate effectively. To help you decide where to start with purchasing radios for your team, we have put together this guide to our top four featured radios. These radios are portable, durable, and easy to use so your team can communicate with each other no matter what situations arise.

DLR1020 Two-Way Radio Business 2 Channel FHSS

This is our most popular two-way radio, for good reason! The Motorola DLR1020 is a great choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient communication solution. Motorola two-way radios are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and use on the go. The durable 14-hour battery life means team members won’t need to charge it mid-shift and can stay connected all day (or night) long.

One of the main benefits of this radio is Motorola’s frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology. FHSS transmissions repeatedly switch the carrier frequency during radio transmission to reduce interference and avoid interception. This means that your conversations will not be interrupted by interference from other devices, such as Wi-Fi routers or microwaves.

The DLR1020 is easy to set up and use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to navigate and access all the features. For such a compact radio, it offers a large range of up to 200,000 square feet or up to 20 floors within a building, making it ideal for large facilities or multi-level buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorola DLR1020

  • Does this radio need an FCC License? No, the DLR1020 uses license-free frequencies.
  • Is it easy to switch between channels? Yes, you can switch channels with the push of a button and you can program a home channel so users are never on the wrong channel.
  • Can I page everyone at once? Yes, with the Page All Available and Call All Available features, you can easily alert all users.

Your team can’t go wrong with the DLR1020, and you’ll quickly see why it is our most popular 2-way radio. With amazing features like FHSS technology, 14-hour battery life, compact design, and a range of settings, it is sure to get your team communicating right away.


CLS1110 Two-Way Radio for Business 1 Channel UHF

At 2 Way Radio Direct, we understand businesses may be looking for simple, cost-effective tools to help with their communication needs. The Motorola CLS1110 is an economical and reliable option for a variety of businesses.

With Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology, users will get clear and reliable communication over a wide range of distances, making it perfect for businesses that operate in large facilities or team members who may not always be close to each other. 

The CLS1110 is built to withstand rough usage and demanding environments. With a durable, compact design and antimicrobial housing, it is suitable for various industries like construction, security, healthcare, and retail. With only one channel, this two-way radio is very simple and easy to use. Team members will never accidentally find themselves on the wrong channel, missing calls or pages.

Frequently Asked Questions About CLS1110 Two-Way Radio for Business 1 Channel UHF

  • Is the CLS1110 waterproof? No, the CLS is not waterproof, but it is weatherproof and designed to be able to use in rainy and damp environments.
  • How far is the range on the CLS1110? The range of the CLS1110 is up to 300,000 square feet, or 25 floors, depending on the environment.
  • How many channels does the CLS1110 have? The CLS1110 has one channel.

2 Way Radio Direct recommends the Motorola CLS1110 for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for a more economical and simple communication solution. This radio is durable, reliable, and user-friendly, so staff members of all skill levels can be masters of communication in no time.


CLP1080e Two-Way Radio Business 8 Channel UHF

The Motorola CLP1080e is a compact business walkie-talkie designed for use in retail or healthcare environments. The CLP1080e is the most compact and lightweight radio on the market. This radio is small but mighty and designed to be heard loud and clear even in noisy environments like restaurants.

The eight channels offer versatility and privacy, while the escalate call feature can alert all radios of a situation, regardless of channel. This not only makes sure everyone on your team stays informed but can also be a valuable safety resource to include in your team’s emergency action plan.

This 2-way radio operates on 99 UHF exclusive business frequencies and privacy codes, so your communications can be private and clear. The antimicrobial housing repels germs and bacteria, making these perfect for essential workers or on the frontline to keep your team safe.

Frequently Asked Questions About CLP1080e Two-Way Radio Business 8 Channel UHF

  • Can I use this radio hands-free? Yes, the menu options are voice-driven so you can operate and communicate hands-free.
  • How many ear tips do I need? The earpieces are removable so they can be switched out for the comfort of the user. Some businesses may want an ear tip for each employee for sanitary reasons.
  • How long does the battery last? The battery lasts 12-18 hours, depending on the environment and usage.

You can’t go wrong with the simple, sleek, and contemporary design of the Motorola CLP1080e Two-Way Business Radio. Give your team the convenience of hands-free communication so they can work efficiently and effectively to get the job done.


RMU2040 Two-Way Radio Business 4 Channel UHF

When you think of business two-way radios, the Motorola RMU2040 is probably what you have in mind. This standard, easy-to-use, no-frills walkie-talkie can be clipped to a belt or bag and is durable and reliable. The RMU2040 is widely used by small and large businesses to increase productivity and elevate communication.

2 Way Radio Direct recommends the RMU 2040 for retail, camps, education, and animal care. Some examples of use are an employee contacting a manager to alert them of a problem in a store, a camp counselor contacting the office for assistance, or a teacher on the playground reaching administrators during an emergency. In these types of situations, reliable communication tools are of the utmost importance.

Frequently Asked Questions About RMU2040 Two-Way Radio Business 4 Channel UHF

  • What is the range of the RMU2040? The standard range is 250,000 square feet, or a few miles outdoors. The actual range may vary depending on the environment and other factors such as interference from other devices.
  • Does the RMU2040 have a built-in emergency button feature? Yes, the RMU2040 is equipped with an emergency button feature that can be configured to send a distress signal to other radios in your organization in case of an emergency. This feature can be useful in situations where immediate assistance is needed.
  • Is the RMU2040 waterproof? The RMU2040 is built to last and can be used in damp weather, but it is not advisable to submerge it in water.

The durability and reliability of the RMU2040 won’t let your team down when it matters. With clear communication over a wide distance, this radio is sure to suit your team’s needs.


As a business leader, you do your best to ensure your team isn’t starting its day without the proper tools and equipment. Two-way radios could be the tool your team is missing to give them that extra edge. Convenience, efficiency, and open communication can all contribute to a safer, more efficient, and confidence-driven work environment. 

2 Way Radio Direct is here to help you with choosing the right radios to fit your team, facility, and needs. Whether you work in education, retail, healthcare, food service, or construction we can advise you and your team members on radios that would work best. Contact the experts at 2 Way Radio Direct today to get started. With the widest selection of best two-way radios on the market, you can’t go wrong with 2 Way Radio Direct. 

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