FAQs About TWo-Way Radios: Part 2

August 31, 2023

Welcome back, radio aficionados! 2WayRadioDirect  will continue our journey into the world of Motorola communication radios. Let’s dive straight into more of your pressing questions.

Maximum radios on a job site: Is there a limit?

Technically, there’s no upper limit. However, for a seamless communication experience, especially on bustling job sites, consider adding an extra channel for every 10 employees. It ensures everyone’s voice gets heard, loud and clear.

man speaking into 2 way radio

Can Motorola two-way radios chat with other brands?

You bet! Cross-brand communication is possible if the other radios are correctly programmed to match frequencies and codes. It’s all about tuning in right.

cop with radio

The FCC License: Is it a must?

For certain models, yes. Licensing can be a tricky domain, so when in doubt, head over to  and look up document 000610 for comprehensive details.

900 MHz Digital Radios: What’s the buzz?

man with radio

These sleek models, like the DLR1020 and DTR600, leverage license-free 900 MHz technology. This not only ensures clearer communication but also allows both individual or group chats, all while sporting a lightweight, ergonomic design.

firefighter with radio

Compatibility with other radios: Are 900 MHz Digital models adaptable?

Here’s the catch: 900 MHz radios, despite their numerous advantages, pair best exclusively with their Motorola 900 MHz siblings.

Charger compatibility: Can we interchange?

Radios, much like us, have unique needs. Different battery specifications mean each radio series thrives with its specific charging system.

And that’s a wrap on Part 2! Armed with this knowledge, we hope you’ll make informed decisions regarding Motorola two-way radios. Still curious? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Until our next radio rendezvous, keep those channels buzzing and stay connected!

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