How Two-Way Radios Make Operations Move Smoothly

February 13, 2023

Being able to effectively communicate in any business will determine who is successful and who will eventually crash and burn. It’s not difficult to understand that if every employee is on the same page your company’s operations will move smoothly. So, what communication devices are the most successful companies in the world using to maintain a harmonious work environment?

The obvious answer is a mobile device, right? Unfortunately, you would be wrong. BES’ Two-way radios, also referred to as walkie-talkies, are becoming the most functional answer to companies’ communication problems because they outweigh other communication devices. A business two-way radio can both transmit and receive, which allows employees and managers to communicate quickly and efficiently. 

Learn why BES believes the best two-way radios can improve businesses’ productivity and overall enhance staff communication. In any industry or business type, walkie-talkies can create easy solutions that will ultimately lead to smoother operations moving forward, and here’s how. 


Business two-way radios can significantly enhance your company’s communication and in turn, improve operations. Having the ability to quickly switch from communicating with just your department team to a larger team is essential for quicker answers. Providing business two-way communication to the staff encourages them to be open and more organized. To continue having operations run smoothly, business walkie-talkies can allow managers to give clear and precise instructions through the radio. Rather than communicating through email or text which can cause communication to be lost in translation. 

Business two-way radios can also improve the overall efficiency of your business operations. All companies want employees to finish tasks in a more precise and timely manner. For example, an employee working at a large warehouse doesn’t want to be running around their whole shift looking for their manager or other employees to complete a task. That is a very inefficient way of communicating with one another and essentially wastes valuable time in the workday. A more effective and efficient way of communicating with one another is through business two-way radios. A walkie-talkie allows employees to ask a question or get orders for the next step in the process without leaving their post. The employee will also be able to receive an answer in a timely manner without waiting for someone to get back to them. Companies want efficiency and don’t want to pay their employees to stand around waiting. This concept also relates to the agriculture and retail industries. 


Within industries that operate in dangerous environments, having business walkie-talkies can improve worker safety which will lead to smoother operations. Employers looking for a walkie-talkie that will quickly give a response should find ones that have features such as GPS, priority interruption, and emergency buttons. These features will allow employees to quickly think on their feet and get assistance from a manager. Businesses can never see an accident coming but employers and employees can be trained on the necessary actions to take, should one arise. 

For example, if someone works for a manufacturing company and equipment or machinery malfunctions and injures a co-worker, alerts should be made right away through two-way communication devices. This adds valuable seconds to the emergency situation and allows for the optimal time to get the co-worker the immediate care they need. Training should be provided for all employees working in high-risk environments to teach each employee how to handle situations like the one provided in the example. By using business two-way radios, industries operating in dangerous environments will be able to advance their operations because chaos will not overcome employees should a safety concern arise. By training employees and encouraging them to take action the company will be in a better position than they were prior to using two-way communication.


 Another way to use business walkie-talkies to have operations move smoother is through management. Team management can be difficult to accomplish when there isn’t a solid foundation for communication with one another. Utilizing two-way communication can support managers in overseeing large, medium, and small teams while providing more opportunities for employees to follow instructions better. Business two-way radios can also allow managers to work on team building with their employees. Teaching each employee to communicate properly through two-way communication will strengthen relationships and teach each of them how to work effectively together. 

A great example of improving management through walkie-talkies is in the retail industry. When employees are working on the retail floor and a manager gives three of them instructions through the two-way communication device to complete a project, are they able to comprehend the instructions and complete the project? If they don’t quite understand what needs to be accomplished can they communicate that to the rest of the team through the business two-way communication device? The answer to these two questions will determine if managers need to add more training and strengthen team building in order for operations to continue to run smoothly no matter who is on the floor. Team management is another key to improving communication as a company. Two-way radios will allow employees the chance to work on disclosing information to others effectively and build a foundation for better team management. 

Enhanced Focus

There are many other communication devices that companies can use to improve operations within the entire team. Many of these companies still use mobile devices to communicate with each other. But mobile devices have too many applications to communicate through. One employee could be trying to communicate through text while the other one is trying to communicate through email. With multiple applications, there isn’t a primary form of communication on a team and this can create frustration when you are not getting the answers you need. In order to have smoother operations within an organization one form of communication should be used. Using voice communication, like business two-way radios, can enhance team communication and reduce any form of delay. 

For example, if a warehouse worker’s main form of communication is through mobile devices, and there are dead spots or an overload of cell phone towers for the reception it becomes more difficult to communicate with teammates. If there is no cell service, you just eliminate your one form of communication completely. If these warehouse workers used business walkie-talkies then the problem of no cell service would not impact them and they would be able to continue to work. The less chaos that intercepts a company the smoother the operations will be for that company. 

Communication is crucial for any company wanting to improve its operations. Many employees prefer one form of communication over the other and that can create confusion throughout the whole company. Having one channel of communication will limit any delays to receive an answer and reduce any errors that may occur from these delays. Voice communication through business two-way communication should be the adopted form of communication for every industry. It allows for improved safety and team management. But truly, the best two-way radios allow everyone within a business to be on the same page. If teams aren’t then managers can quickly adapt and communicate through voiceover rather than using email and everything getting lost in translation.

BES wants each company to feel comfortable using this technology because we have seen the great impact it has had on a company’s operations and believe it can be utilized in any industry. If your company is seeing a lag in team communication and several errors are occurring each day, maybe it is time for a new form of communication. We are here to help and provide services for several industries in our pipeline. It is never too late to, 2-way radio, your way! For more information on how business two-way radios can advance your company, contact us today!

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