Why Two-Way Radios Are Here To Stay

March 21, 2022

Two-way radios are here to stay! From being a service synonymous with field staff, two-way radios are expanding their role to include varied uses for versatile results. From the education field to health care, retail, restaurants, and more, all industries can benefit from incorporating two-way radios. Learn more about the benefits of two-way radios, and if you’re ready to buy radios for your business, shop the selection at 2 Way Radio Direct

Man on a construction site using a walkie talkie to communicate


Having the right communication device is essential for keeping your team safe at all times! Unlike cell phones or landlines, which may fail during a power outage or disaster, two-way radios will be there for you in any emergency situation. Plus, all workers can be contacted at the same time over the same channel, as opposed to calling one person after another.

Man with ski gloves on using walkie talkie in snow


When it comes to two-way radio devices, durability is a key selling point. Two-way radios are lightweight and long-lasting. Cell phones usually require a separate protective case and run the risk of breaking when being dropped, but two-way radios are made to be tough and stand up to all sorts of wear and tear! They also have a very long battery life which can last up to twenty-four hours.

Woman in construction safety gear using walkie talkie in front of shipping container


Two-way radios are extremely helpful in keeping workers productive, unlike phones which can be a major distraction. For example, restaurant staff can quickly relay orders to the kitchen and not keep customers waiting for their food. Retail employees can efficiently communicate with each other and find items within a store when needed, without losing sales. Plus, since two-way radios are so easy to use, there’s no need for extensive training.

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Two-way radios offer high value and low cost. With a two-way radio, you can use your cellphone or landline less often to reach your employees throughout the day, which may lower your monthly bills. Additionally, if your employees don’t have access to a cell phone, a two-way radio is an affordable solution for staying connected. Overall, two-way radios offer reliable service at a fraction of the price of other communication methods!

Benefits of Two-Way Radios Infographic

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