Why Your Team Needs Holsters For Their Radios

February 13, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, communication is the key to the productivity and success of any team. As a leader, you understand the importance of efficient and effective communication. If you’ve already outfitted your team with two-way radios, you know how big of a difference convenient communication makes. Whether your team works in construction, a warehouse, or a hospital, two-way radios are essential. Still, without the proper two-way radio accessories, a radio can become a hindrance instead of a boost. 

Radio holsters are a must-have accessory for any team that needs to communicate effectively in the field. Having holsters for your radios will greatly improve the functionality and ease of use of your communication devices. They provide a secure and easily accessible location for your radio, reducing the chances of losing or damaging your equipment. Outfitting your team with radio holsters means valuable communication tools are always kept on hand and never left behind. Radio holsters provide stability and durability, and are easy to use. Not only do radio holsters improve the functionality of your communication devices, but they also provide peace of mind in high-pressure situations. Quick and easy access to your radio can make all the difference in an emergency, allowing you and your team to respond quickly and efficiently. 

In this blog, the experts at 2 Way Radio Direct will explain the benefits of using radio holsters and how they can improve your team’s communication. We’ll also explain what exactly a radio holster is and provide tips on how to choose the right holster for your specific needs. You’ll soon see that investing in radio holsters is a must. 

What Is A Radio Holster?

A radio holster is a protective case designed to hold and carry a two-way radio. While some models of radio come with a clip attached to the radio, these clips can easily break or become worn out, leading to radios getting dropped or damaged. 

Holsters are designed to be worn on the belt, chest, or shoulder and provide extra protection while offering convenience and ease with radio usage. Whether you need a belt-mounted holster for easy access or a pouch-style holster for hands-free operation, there is a holster available to meet your requirements. 

Radio holsters come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs, making it easy to find the perfect holster for your specific needs. Here are four examples of different types of radio holsters:

  • Polycarbonate Belt Holster —These usually clip to the belt and allow you to take the radio off easily while the holster stays on the belt. These need to be the correct size to clip to your radio.
  • Body Harnesses — These clip around the shoulder and keep the radio close to the chest. These are usually more universal and the radio sits inside a pocket.
  • Leather Radio Cases — These have a belt loop so instead of being clipped on, they are securely attached. These have more stability than polycarbonate holsters and more flexibility than body harnesses because you can change where you attach them to.
  • Radio Packs — These are great options for teams who need to carry more than just their radio because they have extra storage.

Now that we’ve covered what holsters are in general, let us take a look at the benefits of using a holster instead of the built-in clip the radio comes with.

Holsters Provide More Stability And Durability Than Clips

The main reason to upgrade your team with radio holsters is that holsters are more durable and stable than clips that come with two-way radios. While the clips work in a pinch, they can get worn out or break off with constant use in certain environments. This could leave team members with no clip on the back of the radio and no way to carry the radio easily, or could lead to radios getting accidentally dropped and damaged.

Holsters help protect your two-way radio — they are made of durable materials, designed to withstand tough conditions. When you decided to equip your team with radios, you invested in improved communication.  At 2 Way Radio Direct, we understand radios are an expensive investment, and we want to help you protect that expense. A holster not only protects your radio from scratches and other damage, but it also helps to protect it from accidental drops or spills. A reliable holster can be the difference between a radio staying on an employee’s belt or dropping off into a pool of water. Upgrading your team members with a protective case for a radio can provide peace of mind knowing your investment is well-protected and not slipping from any belts.

Product highlight: Universal Carry Case with Belt Loop and Chest Strap

This universal holster provides a secure pocket for all sizes of radios and offers versatile functionality with a belt loop and chest strap.

Radios Stay On Body All The Time

Have you ever walked into a room and set your radio down only to forget it when you leave? Imagine you run out of your office to address an emergent situation, only to realize the radio you need to call for help is back at your office! When your radio is not attached to your body, it can be so easy to set it down or forget it when you leave the room. 

Holsters improve the accessibility of your radio. When your radio is in a holster, it’s easier to find and use, especially for teams that need to communicate frequently and quickly. A holster makes it easier to locate your radio when you need it, reducing the risk of losing it. This can improve communication efficiency and reduce the frustration caused by searching for your radio. By outfitting your team with holsters for their radios, you can help team members avoid getting caught in a situation where they wish they had a radio — because their radio will stay on their body all the time! By adding a radio holster to your team’s uniforms, you are setting them up for success and improving the efficiency of your team overall.

Product highlight: HLN9701-CP185/CP100D Nylon Case with Belt Loop

This is a versatile and cost-effective case that can be attached to a variety of places to ensure radios stay with users.

Hands-Free Communication

Teams that are constantly on the move need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively while continuing their normal tasks. If a team member needs to pull a radio out of their pocket to use it, they are not utilizing the radio to its fullest potential. Radio use is meant to save time, so doesn’t it make sense to make using it as efficient as possible?

A holster allows you to keep your radio within reach at all times, so team members can communicate without having to stop what they are doing to take the radio out of a pocket or bag. This can be important in emergencies, where minutes matter. It can also improve customer service in industries like retail when clerks can continue checking a customer out and ask for a price check without breaking a beat.

Product highlight: RLN4570-CP200D Breakaway Chest Pack

This chest harness allows you to carry your radio completely hands-free and with the radio close to you, there is no need to take it out of the harness to talk into it.

You can even take the hands-free idea a step further and add an earpiece to your team’s radio accessories. Give your team secret agent-level efficiency with a headset or earpiece to fully go hands-free. The experts at 2 Way Radio Direct have everything you need in terms of two-way radio accessories and have even put together a helpful blog called Choosing A Headset Or Earpiece For Your Radio Set to help you choose the right earpiece.

Make sure your team has the right two-way radio accessories so you can get the most out of your radio investment. Upgrading to holsters for your team’s two-way radios is a smart decision. Holsters improve communication, protect your radios, improve accessibility, and increase productivity. Holsters can make a huge difference in how your team responds in both every day and emergencies. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution that can make a big impact on your team’s success and communication efficiency. Holsters can give your team that extra boost they need to go from being good communicators to being great communicators. No matter what environment your team is working in, it can improve productivity, effectiveness, and availability to have radios in holsters.

If you are not sure which holster type would be right for you and your team, the experts at 2 Way Radio Direct can help you with finding the right holsters for the job. Contact us today to get started. We have holsters, harnesses, and cases in a variety of designs to suit the needs and functionality of your team. Take the first step towards improved communication and productivity through two-way radio use today!

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