HKLN4509A-CLP Series Single Unit Pod Charging Cradle/Power Supply

CLP Series Single Unit Pod Charging Cradle/Power Supply-HKLN4512 & HKLN4513 Sold Separately (Not compatible with E models)



Motorola’s CLP1060 two way radio is the only Motorola business two way radio that is Bluetooth capable. Motorola HKLN4509 is the CLP1060 two way radio Bluetooth single unit pod charging cradle and power supply.

The HKLN4509 Bluetooth single unit pod charger charges the Motorola HKLN4512 CLP1060 business radio Bluetooth pod which is sold separately.

Motorola also offers the added flexibility of the HKLN4508 multi charger pod conversion kit to charge up to six HKLN4512 pods at one time using the Motorola HKPN4007 Bluetooth radio charger!

The Motorola HKLN4509 CLP Business Radio Bluetooth single unit charger and power supply is covered by a one year replacement warranty.

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Weight 0.33 kg